How to migrate Websites from C-Panel to C-Panel?

It’s too much easy.

Step 1: Install the “Migrate Guru” Plugin

Step 2: Enter your email Accept terms and Conditions and click on “Submit”

Step 3: Now, It will show “Select Host Page”. Choose the “C-Panel” Migration Method.

Step 4: Enter Following Details:Destination Site URL: “Url of You Website” (if you are migrating to New host then the same URL. eg. (current website) put here ( Server IP Address: You will find this in your C-Panel named “Shared IP Address”cPanel Username: You will find this in your C-Panel named “Current User”cPanel Password: You will find this in your Welcome Email. (when you purchase hosting they send the details via email).

Note: If you are migrating your Website to Addon Domain then Use the “Blog Vault” Trial Account to migrate your Website.

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